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Friday, 03 November 2023 14:30

El-Gizaway issues a number of decrees in the University

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Prof.Dr. Nasser EL-Gizaway, the University president issues a number of new decrees which include: the reappointment of prof.Dr. Mohamed Ghoneim as the head of quality management and accreditation center, prof.Dr. Shady EL-Mashad as the IT advisor and the head of the general service center for IT, Prof.Dr. Eman Abdel EL-Haq as the head of foreign languages center, prof.Dr. Abdel Kader Abdel Karim as the general coordinator of the administrative quality management, prof.Dr. Mohamed Saied as University president chancellor of the engineering affairs and technical supervision, prof.Dr. Ahmed Youssef as the head of the foreigners care center, and prof.Dr. Hazem ELewa as the academic manager of the university branch in EL-Obour city. 

The decrees also include: the reappointment of Mr. Ibrahim Gowda as the media official in the university, prof.Dr. Fatma Abdel EL-Wahab as the head of strategic planning center, prof.Dr. Sayed Abdel El-Wanyes as the general supervisor of the university hostels, prof.Dr. Ayman Samir as the head of innovation and entrepreneurship center, prof.Dr. Hani Shehta as the head of the faculties’ members’ leadership development center, prof.Dr. Mahmoud Abdel EL-Gaffar as the head of development projects center, prof.Dr. Azza Abdel Allah as the head of measurement and assessment center, prof.Dr. Mohamed Abdel EL-Fattah as the head of E-exams center, prof.Dr. Khalid Esawi as the general coordinator of students’ activities, projects and initiatives, prof.Dr. Amr EL-Awamry as the head of the IT internal network and the main official of the university’s incubator of biotechnology, prof.Dr. Adel Nabil as the head of digital library and prof.Dr. Mahmoud EL-Habak as the head of the IT training center.

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