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Strategic Objectives

1-  Updating and developing the Faculty infrastructure.

2-  Developing study programs and courses to match with standards of National Authority of Accreditation and Quality.

3-  Activation of students’ activities at the Faculty to match with the essential requirements.

4-  Developing Strategies of Education and learning and activating the digital library system.

5-  Providing training programs to alumni which match with labor market.

6-  Improving the submitted services to alumni.

7-  Increasing agreements with companies the concerned institutions to employee alumni.

8-  Developing Postgraduate Studies department at the Faculty.

9-  Doing the Research plan of the Faculty.

10-                    Encouraging cooperation among scientific departments of the faculty and other universities.

11-                    Developing skills of the Faculty members about using modern technology at teaching.

12-                    Encouraging international publishing of researches

13-                    Providing proper environment for the Faculty member and administrative chart.