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Faculty of Science Policies – Benha University


      Faculty of Science at Benha University has various; clear and identified polices which serve learning, education, scientific research, community service and environment development in addition to achieving the Faculty vision mission at the same time and to compete with its counterparts on the regional and local levels. The Faculty does its policies throughout committees at all sectors like; the Faculty Council committee, Programs and Curriculums committee, Education and Students affairs committee, Postgraduate Studies committee and Community Service & Environment Development committee.

  Followed instructions in case of formulating Policies:

The Faculty presents policies to the concerned sectors inside and outside the Faculty like; academic leaders, faculty members staff, administrators and students. The Faculty has accredited these policies at the Faculty council No (316) in 13\10\2010 – 30\10\2011.


  • All policies should be published at departments, the Faculty website, conferences and meetings of alumni.
  • The Faculty also sets plans for achieving these policies by participation of the Faculty administration, heads of departments and Quality Unit.
  • The Faculty revises its policies and its development and update regularly every four years to keep in touch with changes at the local community and labor market. 


Policies of Learning and Education


Policies of Learning and Education include the following:

  • Total commitment to the general rules of admission and transfer which approved by the Supreme Council of Universities regarding standards associated with students at the Faculty.
  • To make our students know the Faculty vision, mission, strategic plan and scientific departments.
  • Regular update of curriculums, programs and strategic plan of the Faculty.
  • Preparing courses and converting it electronically and to inform students how to use the digital library.


  • Developing mental skills, methodology of solving problems and practicing self-learning and professional learning according to standards of profession.


  • The Faculty commitments by announcing about study schedules, exams schedules; oral, theoretical and practical.


Policies of Admission & Transfer


     The student should obtain the High school degree from the scientific department (Mathematics & sciences) or what equivalent that degree likes the Bachelor degree according to the geographical distribution of Benha University and according to requirements of coordination office of admission at the Supreme Council of Universities.


Transfer Policy

    The student can transfer from one faculty to another one according to his wishes or nearby from his home where transfer percentage ranging from 3 to 5% according to the regulation and the general rules at the Faculty.


Policy Dealing with Increasing Numbers of Students


    The Faculty studies numbers of admitted students according to capacity of stands, laboratories, the Faculty members and their assistants from one hand. On the other hand, the Faculty council accredits the proposed study.


Mandating Policy of the Faculty Members


   Faculty of science mandates faculty members from outside the Faculty with conditions of scientific and professional qualifications, defining the required courses for study according to the proposed plan of internal regulation at the Faculty council. In case of increasing numbers of students, the Faculty mandates more than one member from to the Faculty departments.



Scientific Research Policy


     The Faculty policy at scientific research depends on several aspects like; encouraging outstanding publishing which guarantees quality of researches and improving the efficiency of the Faculty members and their assistants, in addition to supporting the financial resources of researches at the scientific departments.     

A: Improving Scientific Research Quality and Encouraging scientific Outstanding Publishing

    The Faculty seeks to do accredited and documented general plan depends on requirements of the local community. The Faculty also does fifth plan at the scientific departments of the Faculty includes; objectives, responsibilities and outputs. The Faculty also encourages the Faculty members to participate at local, regional and international scientific conferences and provide them by both moral and financial support.    


B: Improving and Developing Research Efficiency of the Faculty Members and their Assistants


    The Faculty seeks to improve efficiency of the Faculty members by encouraging them to participate at training courses and scientific conferences locally and internationally, in addition to activating the digital library system. The Faculty encourages travels and missions to get developing skills at scientific research; it also encourages Postgraduate Studies students to participate at seminars, workshops and conferences.   

C: Supporting Self Finance Resources

       The Faculty seeks to market it applied researches annually by keeping in touch with the concerned companies and institutions. The Faculty announces about programs and courses of Postgraduate studies on the Faculty website to increase numbers of foreign students and also encourages the Faculty members to participate at the financed projects which serve the educational process.


The Faculty has approved the following plans;

1-   Encouraging the Faculty members to participate at scientific research.

2-   Developing skills of researchers according to standards of international publishing rules.

3-   Applying results of scientific research at the educational aspects.

4-    Mechanisms of dealing with with proposals and complaints of Postgraduate Studies students.


Community Service and Environment Development Policy


  • The Faculty seeks to achieve its mission at Community Service and Environment Development by following a group of policies which based on studying the surrounding community and how to develop it.


  • The Faculty also provides several programs which are directed to a group of Beneficiaries and aims to measure their satisfaction about the provided services and their proposals for developing it.


  • The Faculty also seeks to provide guidance campaigns by cooperation with Benha University and its faculties to the surrounding villages’.


  • The Faculty seeks to achieve safety and security in addition to protecting and maintaining buildings according to international standards.


  • Activating and organizing workshops and training courses which keep alumni in touch with labor market and to participate at solving problems of the Community.


  • Organizing meeting of alumni to keep them in touch with the Faculty.
  • Developing methods of Propaganda, marketing and activities of the Faculty.



The Faculty has added the following plans to the mentioned policies:

1-   Training plans for students of the 3rd and 4th level.

2-   Alumni Plan Unit.

3-   Annual Plan for academic leaders Training.

4-   Social Committee plan.

5-   Maintenance Plan.

6-   Training plan.


Financial Policy

   The Faculty seeks to develop the financial resources by providing accredited services from international associations like; information Technology Club of UNESCO which organized ICDL tests, it also seeks to attract foreign students at Bachelor and Postgraduate Studies. The Faculty also seeks to increase the community participation of Beneficiaries at developing the Faculty and Environment development.

Additional policies have been added to plans:

1-    Optimal use plan for the Faculty potentials and Special Units.

2-    Encouraging participation of the Faculty members.

3-    Development Plan for the Special Units.